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In addition to being the easiest to install, visual scare devices are also the lowest priced bird deterrent devices. Alternatives tend to be more expensive and involved to set up. Visual scare devices are great for people with a small bird problem who want to scare those birds away simply and on a budget.

Versatile Solutions

Bird repellent liquids and gels can easily be applied to a number of surfaces. Ideal use cases include beams, struts, trees, and supports for liquid bird repellent and window sills, AC units, beams, rafters, and gutters for gel bird repellent.

Easy to Apply

Spray the liquid or squeeze the tube to apply the material to your chosen surface and it will instantly be protected from birds. Bird repellent liquid and gels are transparent and invisible from a small distance. One tube of gel covers 10 linear feet and one gallon of bird repellent liquid covers 120 square feet.