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  • Microbial Bird Dropping Cleaner - EVO

Microbial Bird Dropping Cleaner - EVO


Free bird-infested areas of bird droppings with the Evo Blend Microbial Bird Dropping Cleaner. This product was designed specifically for eliminating bird droppings. It uses probiotics in its formula that were bred for the special purpose of breaking down bird waste and removing the sludge-like buildup of bird droppings safely and effectively. Birds are known to carry more than 60 transmissible diseases, many of which can be spread through bird droppings. With the Evo Blend Microbial Bird Dropping Cleaner you remove this risk. Against this product, bird droppings don't hold up.


  • Remove bird droppings with unique microbial formula
  • More effective than traditional cleaners
  • Remove bird-borne disease risk
  • Cleans up your property
  • The Evo Blend Microbial Bird Dropping Cleaner's microbial formula uses probiotics to break down bird droppings more effectively than other cleaning units. Even areas with heavy bird dropping presence can be broken down by this unit.


    This product can be applied using pump sprayers and power washers. For best results, apply the bird dropping cleaner to areas with bird droppings and let the cleaner soak for about five minutes. After that, rinse the area with a hose. When applying the Evo Blend Microbial Bird Dropping Cleaner, be sure to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The disease risk of bird droppings is real and they could be spread to you if you do not protect yourself thoroughly with protective gear, heavy-duty gloves, and a respiratory mask.


    Note: The microbes used in this formula are probiotic and non-pathogenic.


    Heavy Bird Problem Solution. This product will clean up even extreme messes. If you need help cleaning up your property or would rather not do it yourself, WarBird's sister company AviAway can perform the job for you professionally.


    • Get rid of bird droppings
    • Increase property aesthetics
    • Reduce bird-borne disease risk
    • Pass health and safety inspections
    • Your property safe and clean again
  • GUARANTEE WARRANTY: Guaranteed to be manufactured to specifications and free from defect at the time of purchase.

    DIMENSIONS: 10″ x 5″ x 12″

    SHIPPING WEIGHT: 10 lbs.


    SKU: BP-LIQ-1

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