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Scare away pest birds with a laser-emitting machine that sends out red and green lasers in random patterns. Birds interpret the lasers as danger signs and learn to avoid the area. Laser patterns change constantly so birds cannot get used to them. This unit is absolutely noiseless and will repel birds in silence.

A Versatile Use Solution

Laser bird deterrents work well in warehouses, docking bays, convention centers, parking lots, and other dark or low-light areas. It is available in three forms: Indoor-Use, Outdoor-Use, and a Handheld Unit. The indoor unit can be mounted with the included bracket and the outdoor unit comes with a base for easy installation.

Long-Range Coverage

Laser bird deterrents cover a maximum range of up to 10,000 square feet in an open area. Once it is set up and turned on, the machine operates automatically. It can be set to run for a predetermined time with the timer option. Each unit includes a remote control so you can operate the machine from a distance.