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We provide architects with Division 10 Specifications for the most common bird control devices used in new and ongoing construction projects. Our materials offer minimal visual impact on the structure and will ensure long-term results while minimizing cost and maintenance. 

Premium Grade Bird Netting

Prevents birds from roosting or nesting in the desired areas. The most effective method for keeping birds out is netting, as it forms a physically impenetrable barrier. 

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Simple in both application and durability, bird spikes are a great way to eliminate or prevent larger bird infestations. Our stainless steel spikes require minimal maintenance and is perfect for a range of applications. 

AviAngle Ledge Modification

AviAngle's modular design reduces wasted materials based on true fit technology. It is easily installed without the need for special tools, making it a simple and effective way to keep ledges bird free.

Bird Tension Wire

Bird wire serves as an efficient bird deterrent, designed for placement upon ledges and other surfaces frequented by birds. With its diverse applicability, bird wire can be installed on an array of surfaces.

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