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With its simple application and durability, bird spikes are a great way to eliminate a bird problem you may be facing by eliminating ledge-based areas that larger birds like to perch on frequently. With minimal maintenance and long life before replacements are needed, bird spikes are ideal for many DIYers out there dealing with larger species bird problems.

Keep Birds Out For Good

Bird spikes are ideal for a variety of locations. Bird spikes can be used on ledges, window sills, window air condition units, fences, railings, beams, roof lines, vent stacks, signs, pilings, lighting fixtures, under eaves or awnings, and other similar areas. 

Durable and Reliable

Various sizes and types of bird spikes are designed so that they can be easily installed depending on the surface that they will be applied to. Larger birds like pigeons, seagulls, grackles, or geese will not be able to land on areas with properly installed bird spikes*. 

Harmless and Effective

Bird spikes work by deterring birds from having an easy landing point on flat ledge surfaces.  As a bird lands, it wings go from open to closed but as it lands, the bird spike rods that slightly overhang the ledge surface interfere with the bird’s ability to close its wings and deters the birds from the treated areas.

*Bird Spikes are not effective on smaller species like house sparrows or swallows. Oftentimes when spikes are used in areas with smaller species, issues can worsen, as these species can build their nests in the protection of the bird spikes, encouraging more bird activity. 


If you want advice or suggestions on what the best control method is for you, dont hesitate to reach out to one of our service representatives who are waiting by to assist you. 


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