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  • Solar Mesh Guard - Clips Only
  • Solar Mesh Guard - Clips Only

Solar Mesh Guard - Clips Only


Keep pest birds and rodents from entering or nesting under solar panels with the Solar Mesh Guard Kit. The Solar Mesh Guard Kit physically blocks birds and other pests out from under solar panels. It also protects solar panel wiring located under the panels and the roof from the damage these critters cause. Solar panel mesh hooks onto solar panels with the included 100 solar clips. Both the mesh and the clips are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to install. It's important to keep birds out from under solar panels to mitigate fire risk from nesting as well as stopping potential bird infestations. You can use the Solar Mesh Guard Kit to keep birds out from under your panels and harvest solar energy without the risk of birds and other small creatures damaging or nesting under your panels.


  • Excludes birds and other critters from under solar panels
  • Comes with 100 solar clips
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • When installed properly, the Solar Mesh Guard Kit blocks birds out with 100% effectiveness. It will protect your solar panel investment for years to come. This unit can also be used in other small gaps that birds tend to nest in, such as behind shutters, under decks, and around window AC units. The Solar Mesh Guard Kit includes 100 solar clips. It also includes a 5-Year Warranty to ensure it protects your solar panels to your full satisfaction.


    • Block birds from entering under solar panels
    • Prolong life of solar panels
    • Safe and humane solution
    • Cut repair costs
    • UV resistant
    • Can be used on any solar panel with bracket depth greater than 30mm

    Solar Mesh Guard Clips Specs:

    Wire Gauge: 0.7 mm

    PVC Thickness: 0.3 mm

    Grid: 1/2 in. squares

    Fastening Clip Material: UV Protected Nylon

    Fastening Clip Dimensions: 123 mm x 10 mm

    Fastening Clip Depth: 32 mm

    Fastening Clip Count: 100

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