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  • Premium Netting
SKU: NET-PE-25-25

Premium Netting



Exclude birds and other pests completely with our highest-grade premium bird netting. Premium bird netting is our strongest netting model and will block birds out with 100% effectiveness. This version of our netting is so powerful that it will also ward off other large animals such as deer, coyotes, and dogs. This is our most-recommended product for commercial bird control. When installed properly it is a permanent solution to your bird problem. Netting holes are 3/4" inch and block out all bird species including pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, starlings, and crows. Product comes with a 10-year warranty. Block birds out from your property with premium grade bird netting.


  • Exclude birds and other pests completely
  • Highest grade premium bird netting
  • Top-recommended commercial bird control
  • Blocks out all species of birds
  • 100% effective when installed properly
  • 3/4" holes
  • 10-Year Warranty


Premium bird netting is ideal for commercial bird control and can be used to block birds out of the rafters of buildings, farms, loading bays, canopies, parking garages, under HVAC units, and more. Bird netting is practically invisible from a distance. It will block birds from entering netted off areas as well as nesting in them.



  • Closing off potential nesting grounds with bird netting is highly recommended if you have a developing bird problem. If the birds nest, the bird problem tends to get bigger and the birds are more difficult to make leave. Premium bird netting will stop a light bird problem from developing into a full-scale bird infestation. This bird netting solution is long-term and virtually maintenance-free. The unit comes with a 10 year warranty and will block birds out of your property for years to come.


    Moderate and Heavy Bird Problem Solution. This product will exclude birds with 100% effectiveness if installed properly. Premium bird netting is one of our top-recommended products for this reason. It is one of the few products on the market that can completely solve a heavy bird problem or a bird infestation.


    • Block out birds completely
    • Best commercial bird control method
    • Stop bird droppings
    • Stop risk of bird-borne disease
    • Stop birds from nesting
    • Eliminate nesting fire hazard
    • Pass government safety and health inspections
    • Decrease bird nuisance for workers and customers
  • GUARANTEE WARRANTY: 10-Year Warranty

    HOLE OPENINGS: 3/4″ openings (0.75 inch)


    25′ x 25′

    25′ x 50′

    50′ x 50′

    50′ x 100′


    25′ x 25′ Netting: 40” x 15” x 6”

    25′ x 50′ Netting: 40” x 15” x 10”

    50′ x 50′ Netting: 40” x 20” x 10”

    50′ x 100′ Netting: 40” x 28” x 27” 


    25′ x 25′ Netting: 10 lbs.

    25′ x 50′ Netting: 20 lbs.

    50′ x 50′ Netting: 40 lbs.

    50′ x 100′ Netting: 80 lbs.

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