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Mounting Clips



Easily install bird netting with Mounting Clips. Mounting clips are heavy-duty clips that snap onto netting edges. Once the clips are attached to the netting, they provide ways to hook the netting to a stable surface. First, the clip has multiple holes to screw or nail the clip into a wall or surface. Next, it has an open loop on the side to hook the netting up to cable. And finally, the clip has a flat surface for attaching it using adhesive or velcro. Clips can also be used to hold two pieces of netting together. Included in this package are 250 clips total (5 bags of 50 clips each).


  • Quickly and easily install bird netting
  • Attach with nails, cables, or adhesives
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with 250 clips (5 bags of 50 each)
  • Use mounting clips to attach standard bird netting, premium netting, or structural netting (all available on our website) to walls, surfaces, or cables. Bird netting is one of our top bird control methods and it excludes birds with 100% effectiveness if installed properly. Bird netting stops birds from nesting, preventing a bird problem from becoming a full-scale bird infestation. It is a great solution for building rafters, loading bays, canopies, under HVAC units, and more. Use these mounting clips to hook up your bird netting and block birds out for good!


    Note: Do not simply toss bird netting over plants, as this can result in animals becoming entangled and possibly dying.


    • Speed up bird netting installation
    • Keep netting up and suspended
    • More secure than staples or nails
    • Tried and true solution tested for decades
    • Block birds out of your property
    • Prevent birds from nesting
    • Keep your bird netting up for years

    WIDTH: 1.75″

    LENGTH: 3.5″ open / 2″ closed

    DEPTH: 0.5″

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