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  • Mega Blaster Pro

Mega Blaster Pro



Deter birds with our widest-range sound machine! The Mega Blaster PRO repels birds for up to 25 acres. The speaker unit broadcasts a series of bird distress calls and predator cries to warn pest birds to stay away from the area. The sounds frighten birds and get them to stay away from the area. Choose up to eight different sounds and customize them, as well as the volume (up to 125 decibels) and the intervals between sounds. The Mega Blaster PRO is our best option for a sound machine with the widest-available coverage.


  • 2 Amplifiers Cover a Range of Up to 25 Acres
  • 4 Different Configurations for Common Bird Problems
  • Widest-Range Sound Machine Available
  • Withstands All Weather Conditions
  • 30-Day Performance Guarantee
  • Two high-output amplifiers deliver wide-ranging bird deterrence coverage. These speakers cover a range of up to 25 acres at 125 decibels (hearing protection recommended if set to this level). It is best used in large, remote outdoor areas like landfills, airports, fish hatcheries, and wastewater treatment facilities. The Mega Blaster PRO can easily be mounted on a post or pole with the included hardware. The unit is weather-resistant and will last through all weather conditions.


    • Deter pest birds at the widest possible range
    • Decrease corrosive bird droppings
    • Stop birds from eating crops
    • Prevent bird strikes at airports
    • Avoid safety inspection failures
    • Reduce bird disease threat
    • Deter birds without traps or chemicals

    Configuration Options:

    • Agricultural
    • Crow/Raven
    • Woodpecker
    • Marine/Gull


    GUARANTEE WARRANTY: 30-Day Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, 6 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

    PROTECTION COVERAGE: Up to 25 acres

    SOUND PRESSURE: Up to 125 decibels

    FREQUENCY RANGE: 2,000–10,000 Hz

    VOLTAGE OPTIONS: Solar-powered, requires battery

    BOX DIMENSIONS: Box 1: 23″ x 18″ x 16″ (unit and speaker), Box 2: 32″ x 24″ x 5″ (solar panel)

    SHIPPING WEIGHT: Box 1: 23 lbs., Box 2: 17 lbs.

    COMPLIANCE: UL and CE listed

    EPA EST: 075310-OR-001

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