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Goose Expeller Pro



Exclude geese from outdoor areas with a sound machine that emits authentic Canada geese alarm and warning cries. Hook up the machine, turn it on, and watch your goose problem fly away. Geese hear the danger calls and believe there is trouble nearby, enticing them to leave the area. These sounds have been isolated over decades of scientific research on Canada geese. This system is one-of-a-kind and it is programmed to change the frequency, duration, and sound combinations of geese calls to confuse and disorient geese into leaving the area and never coming back.


  • Deter geese from outdoor areas with the sounds of nature
  • Comes with 4 speakers that cover an area of up to 7 acres
  • Withstands all weather conditions
  • Honk back at those annoying geese!
  • 30-Day Performance Satisfaction Guarantee


The GooseBuster Pro's 4-speaker setup covers a range of 7 acres. Multiple units can be combined to cover an even greater area. Each unit is fully programmable to change the frequency, duration, and sound combinations that you prefer and the geese detest. The GooseBuster Pro is fully weather-resistant and will withstand all weather conditions.

  • Research for the sounds of the GooseBuster Pro was performed by Dr. Philip Whitford, a PhD in the field of animal behavior. Dr. Whitford is an expert in the field of Canada geese behavior and vocal communication and has been researching them since 1979. The GooseBuster Pro unit has been proven to be effective in multiple university studies for getting rid of Canada geese.


    • Deter geese from parks, airports, yards, and corporate grounds
    • Keep ponds and lakes free from geese and geese droppings
    • Remove risk of geese-borne diseases
    • Improve property aesthetics
    • Deter annoying geese
  • Specs

    GUARANTEE WARRANTY: 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, 6-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

    PROTECTION COVERAGE: Up to 7 acres

    DIMENSIONS: Control Unit 12” x 10” x 7”, Speakers 10” x 8” x 5”


    SOUND PRESSURE: 0–110 dB at 1 meter (each speaker)

    FREQUENCY RANGE: 500–1500 Hz

    VOLTAGE OPTIONS: 110V (International voltage options available on request)

    BOX DIMENSIONS: 25″ x 19″ x 7″ 

    SHIPPING WEIGHT: 20 lbs.

    COMPLIANCE: Supply power source is UL, CUL & CE listed

    EPA EST: EPA 62617-OR-001

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