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  • Bird Deflector

Bird Deflector


Scare birds away with a three-headed, pinwheel-like metallic spinning device that gives birds the illusion of blinding light as it spins in the wind. The Bird Deflector's metallic heads catch wind and reflect sunlight as they spin, creating a shining effect that blinds birds and forces them to find another place to fly. The Bird Deflector is completely harmless to birds and it is a humane method of bird control. It requires no electric power and will start scaring birds immediately. This is a simple and inexpensive way to block birds from flying on your property.


  • Scare birds away with shining spinner device
  • Three spinning heads shine in the sun
  • Irritates pest birds
  • Humane bird control method
  • The Bird Deflector is effective wherever installed with access to light and wind. Sunlight and wind reflecting off the three spinner heads creates an environment unwelcoming to birds, who will avoid perching, nesting and roosting in the area. The base of this unit contains four holes for screwing the unit into an outdoor location.


    Light Bird Problem Solution. This product works best for light bird pressure, with occasional annoying birds. Moderate bird pressure, with birds always in the area, or heavy bird pressure, where birds have already nested, require different solutions. See our category pages for different solutions based on light, moderate, or heavy bird pressure.


    • Repel pest birds
    • Reduce bird droppings
    • Decrease birds nesting
    • Lower bird-borne disease risk
    • Increase property aesthetics
    • Decrease bird nuisance
  • PRODUCT GUARANTEE: Guaranteed free from defects at time of purchase

    SKU: BD

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