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Balcony Guard


Deter pest birds from your property sonically without hearing any sounds yourself. The Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Unit sends out ultrasonic frequencies that birds hate hearing, but which are imperceivable by humans. The Balcony Gard has a range of approximately 900 feet, making it perfect for small outdoor areas like balconies and patios. This unit has two operating modes: continuous-use and motion-activated. It sends out an adjustable frequency of 15-25KHz, silent to most humans but will annoy birds enough to get them to leave. Protect your property from birds silently with the ultrasonic frequencies of the Balcony Gard.


  • Deter birds from your property silently
  • Covers 900 feet in front of device
  • Adjustable frequency of 15-25KHz is silent to most humans
  • Small and discreet
  • 30-Day Performance Satisfaction Guarantee
  • This unit is weather-resistant and will endure all weather conditions. It comes with a 30-Day Performance Satisfaction Guarantee. The Balcony Gard is great for outdoor areas like balconies, backyards, or patios. It includes a power cord or you can use your own "C" batteries (4 x 1.5V) for cordless use.


    • Keep outdoor spaces free of birds
    • Protect property from corrosive bird dropping damage
    • Repel birds from home-grown gardens
    • Deter annoying birds
    • Maintain property aesthetics
    • Humane bird control choice
    • Use with included power cord or batteries
  • GUARANTEE WARRANTY: 30 Day Performance Satisfaction Guarantee, 6 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

    PROTECTION COVERAGE: Up to 900 sq. ft. in an oval pattern

    DIMENSIONS: 6.75″ x 5.5″ x 3.5″


    SOUND PRESSURE: 90 dB at 1 meter

    FREQUENCY RANGE: 15 to 25 kHz (adjustable)

    MOTION SENSOR RANGE: 35′ x 70′

    VOLTAGE OPTIONS: 110V or uses 4 x 1.5V “C” batteries, not included. (International voltage options available on request.)

    BOX DIMENSIONS: 10″ x 8″ x 4″


    COMPLIANCE: UL Listed and CE Marked

    EPA EST: 089624-CHN-001

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